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Built for improved People Operations for highly regulated dynamic workforces.


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Human Resource Solution Designed for Casinos.

PeopleGuru understands the unique human resource needs of industries often labeled as highly regulated or high risk. With PeopleGuru Human Resource, Payroll and Talent Management technology and services our Casino clients can efficiently manage the complexities of a very dynamic workforce. In addition to incredible technology, the Gurus at PeopleGuru can help your business transform People Operations.

Our single application solution for complete employee lifecycle management is perfectly designed to address the unique needs often associated with having a high concentration of hourly and seasonal employees.  From complex labor reporting, time collection and advanced scheduling, PeopleGuru has you covered.


Automated payroll solution that ensures your people get paid accurately and on time. PeopleGuru’s payroll solution can handle complex tax regulations with ease. The payroll wizard guides you step-by-step through pay entry and processing, with the ability to review before posting.


Fully automate the timekeeping processes. PeopleGuru’s proprietary time and labor solution allows your people to report time via mobile, desk top and or a bio metric Kiosk.  Employees can request PTO and submit punch corrections. Managers can easily approve PTO requests, add, remove, or fix time punches with ease.


Advanced scheduling capabilities, so your people have easy access to their schedules, pick up, swap and drop shifts. Managers can easily approve or reject schedule changes, modify a current schedule via a mobile or desk top experience.


Attract and retain the right people for the job. PeopleGuru’s talent management solution helps the casino industry navigate a higher than average retention problem compared to other industries. This allows managers to recruit both seasonal and long-term employees.

Not Your Average Support. Guru Support.

PeopleGuru understands the importance of helping our clients achieve great outcomes. Our client services team and subject matter Gurus are here to assist you with training, integrations, software support and people operations transformation.  Our customers feel the love!