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HR Software and Services to help your team achieve the organizations core mission. 


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HR Software for Nonprofit. 

PeopleGuru understands the unique people operations challenges for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits have all the people operational challenges of mid-market public or private companies, but often lack the budget and people to achieve their objectives.

In addition to incredible HCM technology, you can rely on the Gurus at PeopleGuru to support your mission. From talent acquisition to back office payroll processing, PeopleGuru’s HR Software will drive incredible efficiencies in people operations, so you can focus on serving your community.

Nonprofit hr

Maximize Your Budget. 

Disparate systems make it almost impossible to effectively manage a modern business. Nonprofits are especially at risk due to funding limitations. Our HCM is built to help you get the most out of your budget and your people.


Nonprofit hr

Maximize Your People. 

Empower, engage, and recognize your people so they can better serve the community. With employee self-service, your people have easy access to their paystubs, schedules, and timecards all from their mobile device.

In addition, our talent solution helps you find the right balance of people whether they are long term employees or seasonal volunteers. 

Nonprofit hr

Compliance & Reporting. 

Limit your organization’s exposure and mitigate risks often associated with falling out of compliance. Our solution handles payroll tax filling and reporting, ACA management, comprehensive labor distribution, and advanced general ledger capabilities and grant management.



Automated payroll solution that ensures your people get paid accurately and on time. PeopleGuru’s nonprofit payroll solution handles labor and grant allocation so you can easily manage payroll in accordance to your budget.  Our payroll solution offers a step-by-step wizard that guides you through pay entry and processing, with the ability to review before posting.


Fully automate the timekeeping processes. PeopleGuru’s proprietary time and labor solution allows your people to report time via mobile, desk top and or a bio metric Kiosk.  Employees can request PTO and submit punch corrections easily from their phone. Managers can approve PTO requests, add, remove, or fix time punches with ease.


Advanced scheduling capabilities, so your people have easy access to their schedules. Managers can easily approve or reject schedule changes, modify a current schedule via a mobile or desk top experience.


Attract and retain the right people for the mission. PeopleGuru’s talent management solution helps nonprofit organizations find the right people to best serve their community. Whether its long term staff, or volunteers, find and keep right people for the cause.

Not Your Average Support. Guru Support.

PeopleGuru understands the importance of helping our clients achieve great outcomes. Our client services team and subject matter Gurus are here to assist you with training, integrations, software support and people operations transformation. Our customers feel the love because we love what nonprofits stand for!