Product Videos

PeopleGuru Payroll & Tax Management

Simplify payroll processing and ensure your people get paid accurately and on time.

PeopleGuru Benefits Management- Open Enrollment

Provide your people with a 100% paperless, step-by-step open enrollment experience.

PeopleGuru HCM Overview

Discover how PeopleGuru Core HR can help with managing your entire workforce from recruitment to retirement.

PeopleGuru Recruiting- The Candidate Experience

Ensure you’re attracting top talent with a simple, paperless candidate experience.

PeopleGuru Recruiting- The Recruiter Experience

PeopleGuru’s full Talent Aquisition Solution (ATS) helps streamline recruiting processes.

PeopleGuru | Senior Care

PeopleGuru HCM helps Senior Living & Long-Term Care organizations mitigate compliance risk, boost people productivity.

PeopleGuru Onboarding- The New Hire Experience

Offer new hires a 100% paperless onboarding experience that can be completed prior to the first day.

PeopleGuru Time & Labor

Accurately manage labor records, manage complex hours, control labor costs, and drive people productivity

PeopleGuru Health Check

Efficiently manage vaccine and testing requirements and maintain compliance with any local, state, federal, or organization policies.