We give HR leaders
love they deserve 

We give HR leaders
love they deserve 

HR is your superpower; PeopleGuru™ is your cape.

Unleash your full potential
PeopleGuru HCM

From recruiting to offboarding, from payroll services to tax compliance,
PeopleGuru™ has everything you need for human capital management.

Reach new heights of productivity and success

PeopleGuru HCM is faster than the speed of light and is your secret power for success.

Empower your HR and elevate your organization

PeopleGuru™ provides the right people, processes, and technology to drive your success.

Experience amazing support from our experts

Our Support Gurus know that lots of tender loving care is the key to your

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Still learningWe’ll teach you 

Learning HR on the job can be difficult so that’s why we created resources to help.

OverwhelmedWe’ll cover you 

Need a helping hand to take work off your plate? Let us handle your administrative burden.

Underserved? We’ll support you 

Our dedicated HR experts will be there for you every step of the way.

Get a helping hand with your
payroll and benefits

​PeopleGuru™ Managed Services helps you free up more time
to focus on strategic initiatives and growth.​


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“The team at PeopleGuru™ is fantastic.
They don’t just sell the dream – they deliver.”

Destiny Murray
Chief Executive Officer

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  • Home Health Care

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Experience amazing support from
experts who know your name

From our CEO to our interns, everyone at  PeopleGuru™ has one goal:
Help you succeed and achieve better outcomes.

Dedicated point of contact

PeopleGuru™ assigns you a dedicated HR expert
who will be there
when you call.

Credentialed (PHR, CPP)

PeopleGuru™  has decades of HCM experience and credentialed experts
to help you.

US-based support

PeopleGuru™ develops and supports all our own tech
right here in Tampa

Transform your workplace into
an award-winning workplace

Deliver amazing results and get the recognition you deserve.
Enjoy more success and less stress.

HR leaders are transforming their workplaces with PeopleGuru™

Provide a better employee experience and increase productivity with the #1 most comprehensive HCM solution in the industry.