We help HR leaders
modernize the

Get out of the weeds, eliminate manual work​ ,
and make HR easier with PeopleGuru™.

Hire, pay, and manage your team
from anywhere, on any device

People are the heart of your organization, and PeopleGuru™ HCM
is the foundation for managing your entire workforce.

“I finally have a single HR, Payroll, and Talent Management
that my team loves!

Darone Dancy
Eastern Carolina Vocational Center

Hire and retain top talent

Post to multiple job boards, pre-screen candidates, schedule interviews, and
track the entire process.

Pay your people accurately

Streamline your payroll process, pay on time, and keep your organization compliant
with state and federal laws.

Manage your team remotely

Easily manage an agile, multi-generational, and virtual workforce that can access
their data via a mobile app.

Automate your onboarding,
payroll, and benefits

Drive productivity through automation and save hours
of precious time for both you and your employees.

“We used to spend 2 days tracking employees down for missing time punches.
With PeopleGuru™ HCM
,  we now complete payroll in minutes.”

Susan Turner
Pickersgill Retirement Community 

Self-service onboarding

Employees can complete their administrative tasks online, freeing up your HR department from tedious paperwork.

Error-free payroll

Setup auto pays, time entry, pre-check detail, and post payroll, all while supported
by a team of experts.

Hassle-free enrollment

With full eligibility management and online open enrollment, your people can experience
a 100% paperless process.

Impress your stakeholders
with data on labor costs

PeopleGuru™ HCM has advanced labor distribution and general ledger
capabilities, enabling easy attribution of expenses.

“The expense system in PeopleGuru™ HCM
is simple to use.”

Katie Johnson
Theory Wellness

Attribute your labor costs

PeopleGuru™ HCM was designed to assist
C-level leaders in effectively managing
costs associated with labor.

Track and itemize expenses

Generate reports on employee expenses,
and track mileage, all from one,
easy-to-use platform.

Improve the bottom line

PeopleGuru™  helps mid-market organizations modernize their HR at an affordable price,
improve efficiency and drive growth.

 Eliminate manual work 
and make HR easier 

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Unleash your full potential

Provide a better employee experience and increase productivity with the #1 most comprehensive HCM solution in the industry.