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PeopleGuru™ helps you get out of the weeds,
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“An all-inclusive, custom platform with a dedicated HR “Guru”  at a great price.”

Jesus Martinez

  • Fast, thorough implementation

  • Critical custom integration was no problem since the PeopleGuru™ platform is privately owned instead of built on someone else’s base.

  • Fully digital processes

  • PeopleGuru™ ’s full-featured platform has enabled Martinez to attain the goal of a fully digitized performance evaluation process.

“It’s been great knowing who I’m going to speak to every time.”

Katie Johnson
Theory Wellness

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • “From my first call with PeopleGuru™, I was leaning heavily towards their solution,” Johnson said, due to flexible reporting options and ease of use in the employee view.

  • Implementation without tears

  • With help from the PeopleGuru™ implementation team, Theory Wellness imported time and attendance data from the previous provider  to process payroll with no downtime.

“The amount of time it saves pays for itself.”

Leighton Miller

  • An easy-to-use HR suite with great customer service

  • PeopleGuru™’s ability to tailor the solution to meet their needs was important to VidaCann, as each department has specific payroll, HR, and reporting needs.

  • Employee portal also saves time

  • Now that all VidaCann’s HR data is in one place in PeopleGuru™ HCM, employees have a lot more flexibility in checking their data and making updates.

“PeopleGuru’s onboarding team helped the entire HR department get acquainted with the solution quickly and without any issues”

Joe Morgan
Middlesex College

  • A fully integrated suite of HR solutions

  • Automates and simplifies human capital management workflow processes.

  • Manage and automate healthcare and benefits enrollment processes

  • Integrates with various insurance carriers, helping improve data synchronization and record keeping accuracy.

Not only was the solution flexible but so were the people.

Nina Long
Poyner Spruill

  • An easy-to-use HR suite with great customer service

  • Flexible technology solution
    to help them consolidate and
    automate their daily business

  • Our implementation specialist was extremely accessible and knowledgeable.

  • Managing payroll, human
    resources (HR) processes,
    benefits, and 401(k)
    administration for 225
    employees across 5 locations

“Productivity has significantly improved and errors have gone down”

Cathy Carlson
Garden Communities

  • Reduce the time associated with manual tasks

  • Cloud-based platform allows for payroll automation

  • Industry expertise constantly changing laws to maintain compliance

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