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At PeopleGuru™, our software and services are
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PeopleGuru™  has everything
you need to succeed

Best-in-class technology, expert customer support, and managed services,
tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

“We chose PeopleGuru™ because we thought it could fit our unique needs
compared to the others and pricing was considered as well.”

Darone Dancy
Eastern Carolina Vocational Center

Simple to use

Intuitive for someone new to HR,
and powerful enough to manage
thousands of employees.


From hire to retire, manage your recruiting, payroll, and employees, from anywhere,
on any device.

Impressive results

Build an award-winning workplace that optimizes efficiency and effectively
drives growth.

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PeopleGuru™ demo

We’ll listen to your challenges and present solutions to help your organization
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for your budget 

We keep our solutions affordable
and make it easy to work with
by keeping things simple.

Implementation is a lot  
easier than you think 

From day one to one thousand,
our team at PeopleGuru™ is
here to help you succeed.

PeopleGuru™ HCM
is simple to use.”

Katie Johnson
Theory Wellness

“Versatile and

Susan Laughlin
MMC Corp

“Great system for
managing HR.”

Muger Vincent 
Brites Management Services

Get a helping hand
with your payroll
and benefits

 PeopleGuru™ Managed Services gives you more time
to focus on
strategic HR initiatives.