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Achieve compliance with ease so you can focus on your people

Compliance is always a group effort, and with PeopleGuru™ on your side, compliance
burdens can be lessened.

“Comprehensive HCM Software that makes employee record keeping effortless.”

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Upload, store, and manage licenses
for all your team members

Apply your organization’s compliance strategies from initial recruitment, onboarding, new hire, performance management, and more.

Receive proactive alerts prior to a
certification’s expiration date

Whatever a government agency announces next week,  PeopleGuru helps you stay compliant and keeps your organization safe.

Stay compliant and keep
your organization safe

Choose PeopleGuru™ Managed Services for additional compliance services without
losing control of your core compliance.

Meet your partner in success,
Karen Erne

Karen Erne

Operations Expert

Karen Erne
, Director of Operations at PeopleGuru™, has over 35 years of experience in the Payroll/HR Service Bureau industry with an extensive Payroll Tax background specializing in software support and training for both small and large clients.

PeopleGuru™  handles tax filings and compliance
with ease

  • PeopleGuru Managed Services helps you stay compliant

  • We’ll prepare all returns and reconciliations

  • Single data file used for W-2s

  • Filing of 941s and 940s

  • Filing of 943s

Frequently asked questions

Does PeopleGuru™ handle all our tax filing and year-end requirements like Forms W-2, 1094, and 1095?2023-09-05T16:35:33+00:00

 PeopleGuru™ provides full-service tax filing and year-end services.

Does PeopleGuru™ offer compliance support for HR issues, Wage & Hour requirements for my state?2023-09-05T16:38:04+00:00

 PeopleGuru™ offers our clients an HR Legal hotline for your compliance needs.

Does PeopleGuru™ ensure we are compliant at the Federal, State, and Local Tax Level?2023-09-05T16:38:41+00:00

 PeopleGuru™ will ensure that you are filing & making deposits accurately and in a timely manner for all federal, state, and local payroll taxes.

Will PeopleGuru™ handle our garnishment payments and orders?2023-09-05T16:39:16+00:00

Yes, PeopleGuru™ will manage your garnishment process including payments.

Do you offer E-Verify integration?2023-09-05T16:39:42+00:00

Yes, PeopleGuru™ is fully integrated with E-Verify.

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