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How long does it take to implement PeopleGuru™ HCM?2023-09-05T16:43:55+00:00

Time frames depend on multiple factors, but in general, PeopleGuru™ HCM can be fully deployed in 8-16 weeks.

Does PeopleGuru™ HCM have a scheduling feature?2023-08-22T15:26:17+00:00

PeopleGuru™ HCM provides full scheduling capabilities including but not limited to swapping shifts, dropping shifts, posting shifts.

Can employees manage their PTO?2023-08-22T15:25:29+00:00


Paid time off requests are fully unified with PeopleGuru™ HCM payroll and accrual management.

Can you develop a learning plan using PeopleGuru™ HCM ?2023-08-22T15:23:52+00:00


You can set up learning plans by position, job or an event.

Does PeopleGuru™ offer an LMS/Training application?2023-08-22T15:23:07+00:00


We support PDFs, Power Points and all SCORM compliant training.

Does the LMS come with pre-loaded courses?2023-08-22T15:20:08+00:00

PeopleGuru™ HCM offers over 130 standard courses.

Does PeopleGuru™ handle all our tax filing and year-end requirements like Forms W-2, 1094, and 1095?2023-09-05T16:35:33+00:00

 PeopleGuru™ provides full-service tax filing and year-end services.

Does PeopleGuru™ offer compliance support for HR issues, Wage & Hour requirements for my state?2023-09-05T16:38:04+00:00

 PeopleGuru™ offers our clients an HR Legal hotline for your compliance needs.

Does PeopleGuru™ ensure we are compliant at the Federal, State, and Local Tax Level?2023-09-05T16:38:41+00:00

 PeopleGuru™ will ensure that you are filing & making deposits accurately and in a timely manner for all federal, state, and local payroll taxes.

Will PeopleGuru™ handle our garnishment payments and orders?2023-09-05T16:39:16+00:00

Yes, PeopleGuru™ will manage your garnishment process including payments.

Do you offer E-Verify integration?2023-09-05T16:39:42+00:00

Yes, PeopleGuru™ is fully integrated with E-Verify.

Would PeopleGuru™ bring over prior year history from our current system?2023-09-05T16:42:17+00:00

Most clients elect to bring over current and prior year history.

What type of training should my team expect from PeopleGuru™?2023-09-05T16:43:11+00:00

You will be assigned a dedicated trainer who will work with you to determine your unique training schedule. We offer training workshops, videos and online resources to help our clients maximize their investment in their HR technology.

Does PeopleGuru™ HCM offer a mobile app for time capture?2023-08-22T15:29:34+00:00

PeopleGuru™ HCM offers a native mobile app in both the Android and Apple store.

Does PeopleGuru™ outsource implementation?2023-09-05T16:45:35+00:00

No, we directly implement our clients. PeopleGuru™ does not rely on any third-party resources to support our clients’ implementation.

Is my data secure with PeopleGuru™?2023-09-05T16:46:32+00:00

PeopleGuru™ has never had a data breach and we adhere to best-in-class security standards.

Is PeopleGuru™ SOC Compliant?2023-09-05T16:47:17+00:00

PeopleGuru™ is SOC 1 Type 2 compliant.

Where is my data housed?2023-09-05T16:47:58+00:00

PeopleGuru™ keeps our clients’ data in a SOC Compliant Data Center.

Can we contract for Managed Services and use our own HR Technology?2023-09-05T16:49:43+00:00

PeopleGuru™ Managed Services is only available to clients using PeopleGuru™ HCM.

Is Managed Services required when electing PeopleGuru™?2023-09-05T16:51:12+00:00

PeopleGuru™ Managed Services is an optional service for our clients that would like more help with Payroll and Benefit Management.

What is the cost for Managed Services?2023-09-05T16:52:29+00:00

Rates typically vary between $8-$12 PEPM — a fraction of what it would cost for your organization to hire a credentialed payroll specialist.

Does PeopleGuru™ recruiting connect to Job Boards (e.g. Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, etc.)?2023-09-05T16:55:43+00:00

Yes, PeopleGuru™ offers full integration to hundreds of job boards powered by Job Target.

Does PeopleGuru™ HCM come with an ATS/Recruiting Software Solution?2023-09-05T17:00:43+00:00

Recruiting/ATS is core to the PeopleGuru™ HCM + Talent Package.

Is PeopleGuru™’s recruiting solution a third-party software?2023-09-05T17:48:45+00:00

No, PeopleGuru™ develops and supports our own recruiting software.

Can PeopleGuru™ integrate to my existing ATS?2023-09-05T17:49:27+00:00

PeopleGuru™ does not support integrations to standalone/third-party ATS solutions.

Do you have any limits to the number of e-documents ?2023-08-22T15:51:44+00:00

We have no limits to the number of documents or e-document packages needed to achieve great outcomes.

Does PeopleGuru™ offer payroll services?2023-08-22T16:48:03+00:00


PeopleGuru™ Managed Services gives you more time
to focus on the things that matter to you.

Does PeopleGuru™ offer international payroll?2023-08-22T16:43:36+00:00

PeopleGuru offers payroll for U.S. based companies only. 

Does PeopleGuru™ integrate with other Payroll Providers?2023-08-22T16:42:49+00:00

HR and Payroll are unified within our software, therefore PeopleGuru does not support integration with other payroll platforms.

Why do clients choose PeopleGuru™?2023-08-22T16:49:57+00:00

Clients choose PeopleGuru™ for 3 reasons:

1. PeopleGuru™ designed a true, all-in-one employee lifecycle management solution that eliminates the need for additional human capital management software.

2. PeopleGuru™ HCM is highly configurable, easy to use, and on average,
is 20% more affordable than most of our competitors.

3. PeopleGuru™ Managed Services gives HR leaders more time to focus on growth.

What’s more, you’ll experience amazing support, a successful implementation, and achieve better outcomes.

What makes PeopleGuru™ unique?2023-08-26T02:34:44+00:00

What makes PeopleGuru™ unique is that we solve your unique challenges.

PeopleGuru™ has decades of HCM experience and credentialed experts to help you.

PeopleGuru™ has decades of best practices and HR expertise to help you succeed.

PeopleGuru™ develops and supports all our own tech to make your life easier.

Helping you succeed is what we do best.

What size clients do you serve?2023-08-22T16:45:20+00:00

PeopleGuru™ is a great fit for high-growth companies and small businesses with 50-2000 employees.

What industries do you serve?2023-08-22T16:44:29+00:00

PeopleGuru™ is proud to serve mid-market organizations across industries including but not limited to healthcare, nonprofit organizations, assisted living, senior care, retail, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Who is PeopleGuru™?2023-08-29T22:31:09+00:00

People who care about your success.

PeopleGuru is a privately held company that launched in 2017.

Founded by three industry veterans with over three decades of experience,
Richard Cangemi, Paul Zugay, and Steve Cohen are disrupting
HR tech by putting humans first.

In 2022, PeopleGuru raised growth capital
from a well-known industry investment group.

Ready for a surprise?2023-08-22T16:47:15+00:00

It’s more affordable than you think.

PeopleGuru™ is one of the most affordable solutions for mid-market organizations. Our average price points range from $10-22 per employee per month (PEPM) depending on the capabilities selected. 

Ready to get started?2023-08-28T15:11:27+00:00

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Do I need to use your ATS to take advantage of onboarding?2023-08-22T15:52:34+00:00

Our clients can leverage our onboarding solution independent of their ATS decision.

Do I need a separate system for HR?2023-08-22T16:50:41+00:00


As promised, we provide you with one singular application for all your needs. Our system includes both HR and Payroll at its core. 

Do you offer a full onboarding technology?2023-08-22T15:51:10+00:00

Core to PeopleGuru™ HCM, our clients leverage our onboarding for a 100% paperless employee experience.

Do you offer automated carrier connections for Health, Dental and Vision?2023-08-22T15:49:57+00:00

PeopleGuru™ delivers carrier connections via EDI or 834 feeds to those carriers that accept them.

Can I use PeopleGuru™ Benefits Management as a standalone solution?2023-08-22T15:49:12+00:00

Benefits Management can not be implemented as a standalone solution.

Can employees conduct their open enrollment on your application?2023-08-22T15:48:16+00:00

Available via mobile or desk top employees can enroll and manage life events.

Does your HCM solution offer a full benefit management solution ?2023-08-22T15:47:37+00:00

Core to PeopleGuru™, our clients can fully leverage our benefit management solution.

Do you integrate with Employee Navigator or Ease?2023-08-22T15:46:04+00:00

Our value is leveraging one, best-in-class application for HR/Payroll and Benefits, so we don’t support integration to these broker solutions.

Do the users of PeopleGuru™ HCM have access to an ad-hoc report writer?2023-08-22T15:38:56+00:00

Yes, PeopleGuru™ offers all our clients access to our ad-hoc reporting tool

Does PeopleGuru™ offer access to their APIs?2023-08-22T15:38:12+00:00

APIs are available upon request.

How many standard reports do you offer?2023-08-22T15:36:43+00:00

PeopleGuru™ offers over 400 Standard Reports.

Can I use PeopleGuru™ Time & Labor a standalone solution?2023-09-05T15:26:09+00:00

Time & Labor can not be implemented as a standalone solution.

Do you have a Bio Metric Kiosk to capture time and punch data?2023-08-22T15:30:57+00:00


PeopleGuru™ offers multiple options to collect punch data including a
Bio Metric Kiosk .

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