HR and Payroll Software
for Agriculture

PeopleGuru™ HCM is designed to help the agriculture industry
efficiently manage every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Pay your employees, stay compliant,
and manage multiple locations

PeopleGuru™ understands the unique requirements of the agriculture industry,
so that’s why we developed a single application for your HR, Payroll, and Talent.

“We used to spend 2 days tracking employees down for missing time punches.
With PeopleGuru™ HCM
,  we now complete payroll in minutes.”

Susan Turner
Pickersgill Retirement Community 


HR is the heart of your organization and PeopleGuru™  HCM is the foundation for managing your entire workforce.


Pay your people quickly, accurately, and on time, every time with our payroll automation and
real-time reporting.


Behind every organization is great people, and PeopleGuru™ makes it easier for you
to find the right people.

Automate payroll, stay compliant,
track time, and attendance

PeopleGuru™ HCM is intuitive for someone new to HR and
powerful enough
to manage thousands of employees.

Good software and
excellent support.

Nicole Cady 
Kutz Senior Living Campus

Elevate employee

PeopleGuru™ HCM helps you develop talent with learning courses designed to improve
job skills, problem-solving, and
workplace culture.

Increase employee

PeopleGuru™ HCM enables managers to achieve optimal productivity by using time tracking to determine the number of
productive hours per employee.

Improve profitability
and drive growth

PeopleGuru™ helps you create a successful workforce of high-quality hires with high-quality productivity that leads to
improved profitability.

Impress your stakeholders with data  
on labor costs, expenses, and talent 

PeopleGuru™ HCM has advanced labor distribution and general ledger
capabilities, enabling easy attribution of labor costs.

“I finally have a single Payroll and HR solution
hat my team loves!

Darone Dancy
Eastern Carolina Vocational Center

Attribute your
labor costs

With advanced labor distribution and general ledger capabilities, PeopleGuru™ HCM was built to help HR leaders manage budgets
more efficiently.

Track and itemize

Our expense management solution allows you to generate reports on employee expenses, track mileage, and manage expenses
from one place.

Attract and retain

PeopleGuru™ HCM was designed to help organizations find great candidates and streamline the employee life cycle,
from hire to retire.  

PeopleGuru™ is trusted by
HR leaders nationwide

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