Your relationship with your HCM partner is a critical factor to your organization’s success.

That’s why it’s important to choose a partner that will remain dedicated, supportive, and engaged after the honeymoon phase.

Here a few questions that you should ask yourself about your current relationship with your HCM provider:

Do you trust your HCM partner?

Don’t settle for a partner that doesn’t hold up their end of the relationship. Broken promises erode trust, the foundation to all good relationships.

Are you leveraging a real sweet solution?

  • Is your current platform highly efficient?
  • Are your employees required to have multiple logins for Payroll, Time, and Benefits?
  • Is your employee onboarding and benefit enrollment experience 100% paperless?

Are you getting the love you deserve from your service team?

  • When you call for service, are you speaking with team members that are familiar with your organization?
  • Are you getting consistent and accurate responses?

Are you being taken advantage of?

  • Are you frustrated by the endless miscellaneous charges each month for service requests?
  • Are you seeing price increases year over year?
  • Are you not being rewarded for your loyalty?

Is it going to work out?

  • Is your partner fully engaged and committed to ensuring you are happy?
  • Does your partner really listen?
  • Do you feel important?

If you are troubled by your responses to these questions, it may be time to begin the process of finding a new HCM partner. Be careful not to go from one bad relationship to another by truly understanding the root cause to what didn’t work for you prior.

There are a lot of players in the space and that’s why you shouldn’t rush into a relationship with an HCM partner — even if you feel like it’s love at first demo.

Take the time to date, for this is a long-term commitment.

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