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PeopleGuru™ HR and Payroll Software  easily integrates with your General Ledger
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Why choose our Cannabis
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If you are looking for an all-in-one, HR, Payroll, and Talent solution
that is easy to use, PeopleGuru™ is your partner in success.

What our Cannabis clients
are saying about us

PeopleGuru™ is one of the top-rated HR companies
on Best Marijuana Guide for plenty of reasons.

“It’s been great knowing who I’m going to speak to every time.”

Katie Johnson
Theory Wellness

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • “From my first call with PeopleGuru™, I was leaning heavily towards their solution,” Johnson said, due to flexible scheduling options and ease of use in the employee view.

  • Implementation without tears

  • With help from the PeopleGuru™ implementation team, Theory Wellness imported time and attendance data from the previous provider  to process payroll with no downtime.

“The amount of time it saves pays for itself.”

Leighton Miller

  • An easy-to-use HR suite with great customer service

  • PeopleGuru™’s ability to tailor the solution to meet their needs was important to VidaCann, as each department has specific payroll, HR, and reporting needs.

  • Employee portal also saves time

  • Now that all VidaCann’s HR data is in one place in PeopleGuru™ HCM, employees have a lot more flexibility in checking their data and making updates.

“An all-inclusive, custom platform with a dedicated HR “Guru”  at a great price.”

Jesus Martinez

  • Fast, thorough implementation

  • Critical custom integration was no problem since the PeopleGuru™ platform is privately owned instead of built on someone else’s base.

  • Fully digital processes

  • PeopleGuru™ ’s full-featured platform has enabled Martinez to attain the goal of a fully digitized performance evaluation process.