A Full HR Solution Designed for Cannabis. 

Built for improved People Operations for highly regulated dynamic workforces.


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Trusted by Top Cannabis Brands. 

HCM Software Built for Cannabis. 

The cannabis industry is the definition of a dynamic workforce. Compliance and retention problems put immense pressure on HR leaders of cannabis organizations to hire, train, develop, and in a compliant process pay their people. 

PeopleGuru understands that cannabis companies are often vertically integrated with multiple locations for dispensaries, growers, and processors. PeoplGuru is 100% committed to the cannabis industry and have designed  a single HR, Payroll, and Talent Management solution to help organizations navigate the unique compliance requirements for all their human resources and payroll. 

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Payroll Unique to Marijuana. 

Compliant and Cannabis Friendly.

Achieve tax and legislative compliance with ease so you can focus on your people. 

Easily View Pay Stubs. 

Simple mobile app so your people can view their paycheck inside employee self-service. 

Intelligent Automation. 

Empower your workforce, while saving time not spent on manual tasks. PeopleGuru delivers efficiency so you can focus on being a more strategic manager. 

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Scheduling Solution Built for People. 

Simple Self-service. 

Give your people easy access to their schedules. Let them pick up, swap, and drop shifts all inside mobile self service. And managers gain full visibility to daily operations. 

Advanced Capabilities. 

Staff the right people at the right location. Vertically integrated companies often operate at multiple locations. Easily manage and approve schedules. 

Control and Forecast Costs. 

Managers can easily avoid understaffing or overstaffing their people. Assign shifts based on role or certification.  

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Vertically Integrated Timekeeping. 

Simple and Automated. 

Allow your people to log into work not matter what location they are in. With employee self-service, they can clock in and out and always view their timecards. Managers can fix wrong punches as well as add punches. 

Accurate and Effecient 

Eliminate manual tasks with PeopleGuru’s timekeeping solution. Our HCM  creates accurate data for payroll processing. 

PTO Management.  

Your people can easily request time off inside mobile self-service. Managers can approve or deny requests and notify employees in real-time. 

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HR Management. 

Benefits Management.   

Give your people a 100% paperless enrollment experience. With the ability to view plan options and cost by period, they can view the benefits plan thats best for them.

HR Data. 

Have acces to unlimted and accurate data. PeopleGuru’s Core HR provides insights and analytics to manage all your  people operations inside one single application. 

Employee Self-service 

Let your people be more efficient by providing them direct access to their pay stubs, compensation statements, and benefit plans. 

Manager Self-service

Gain unlimited access to HR data and employee history. Easily submit and approve transaction requets, recognize top performers, amd gain visibility throughout the entire organization.

Not Your Average Support. Guru Support.

PeopleGuru understands the importance of helping our cannabis clients achieve great outcomes. Our client services team and subject matter Gurus are here to assist you with training, integrations, software support and people operations transformation. Our customers feel the love!