TAMPA, FL — October 31st, 2023 — PeopleGuru™, a trailblazer in Human Capital Management (HCM) technology, is delighted to partner with CultureShift HR, renowned experts in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Their collaboration marks a significant step towards creating inclusive, fair, and welcoming workplaces.  

“PeopleGuru™ is thrilled to join forces with CultureShift HR,” says Chief Revenue Officer Steve Cohen. “This partnership is a significant step in our journey to redefine the workplace, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion as central pillars of organizational success,” expresses Cohen.  

CultureShift HR shares in this mission of creating redefined work environments where everyone can thrive. “Our mission at CultureShift HR has always been to drive real change in organizations through DEI-driven Fractional HR initiatives,” said Chief Executive Officer Alysha M. Campbell. “Our collaboration with PeopleGuru™ empowers us to bring these initiatives to more organizations, ultimately making a more inclusive and equitable future of work a reality,” said Campbell.  

Clients of PeopleGuru™ and CultureShift HR will have access to a comprehensive library of DEI solutions, encompassing everything from DEI training and consulting to Fractional HR support. These DEI solutions will seamlessly integrate into PeopleGuru™ product offerings to empower HR leaders with tools for success.  

With a wealth of DEI expertise from CultureShift HR and best-in-class HCM technology from PeopleGuru™, this partnership is well-positioned to provide unmatched support for HR leaders navigating DEI complexities in the modern workplace. 

Originally published on EIN Presswire.

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